Air Conditioning / Cooling System Pre-Service Checklist

If you will go through this checklist before scheduling a service call, you may be able to save yourself the cost of a service call. If after going through these checklist items, your air conditioning system is still not operating, then call to schedule a service appointment.

  1. Is your thermostat in the “cool” position (& not still in the heating mode)?
  2. Is your outdoor air conditioning “condensing unit” running?
    (If yes, skip steps three (3) and four (4) below and go right to item number five)
  3. Check the circuit breakers in the circuit breaker box (or electrical panel), most likely mounted to an outside wall in the back of the house. Are any of them “tripped”?
  4. Check the outdoor unit “disconnect switch” to make sure it is in the “ON” position. The disconnect switch is located near the outdoor unit. (Normally a grey 8” wide x 16” high x 4” deep box mounted to the wall).
  5. Is the furnace blower motor running? If the thermostat is in the “cool” position, the furnace blower should be running. If not, check to make sure the on / off switch at the furnace is in the “ON” position
  6. Have you changed your filter in the furnace in the last month? (A clogged filter can cause the air conditioner to shut down due to lack of proper airflow.) Your filter should be changed every month. Is the filter clean?
  7. Check all return air grilles to make sure they are not blocked by furniture. (The return air grilles are normally located on your walls and are wide and flat). Check all supply air registers to make sure they are open and blowing air.

Is your air conditioner still not working?  Request a Service Call